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My story from the BITD Epic Parker 250 - Jan 2007


Jan 8, 2007

I have to say that everything hurts on my body today, including my skin and my hair! Wow!! That was the ROUGHEST I've ever seen Parker in the past 5 years. I guess with no rain at all this past year and the course being used for the truck race too (after the bike race last year) it got chewed up fast. Oh, and not to mention an additional 100 teams this year compared to last year = 189 teams total!! (First two laps 80 miles each, last lap 76 miles) I know the first bike took off at 7:30. My start was around 8:38. Long line of bikes/quads/UTV's...

Tons of whoops and rocks! I thought we were in San Felipe for a minute. The first 30 miles to the alternate pit was ok for the first two laps (fast, fun sand washes) then by my third lap, at around 1:15pm, even the flat sand washes were whooped out. Lots of exposed rocks poking up in the shadows of the trees made it a little hairy on the last lap. Needless to say, I rode as safe as I could, with not one issue all day long and not one flat tire, and I finished all 3 laps in just over 7 hours!!! I am one tired dog. My little hands and little forearms got extremely tight and sore. The cold air didn't help but boy, I did it!! 240 miles... Holy Cow! My first two laps were actually pretty good time wise - around 2 hours each. My last lap took 3+ hours!

I think I hit every rock on this side of the Colorado. Way worse than I've ever seen it and even worse than Lucerne rocks/whoops. It was very challenging to say the least. I passed a few guys in the rocks. They all looked exhausted and most of them were Ironmen (2 lappers - first timers I'm sure)... I saw lots of broken down machines on the last lap. I heard both Dodson's had crashes (but they are OK) and I know right where Stoli crashed - in that rocky, gnarly section that never ended. I was ok until about the last hour. My body was tightening up. I helped one guy try to get his quad bump started but it wasn't happening. Another guy stopped me during my last 30 miles and needed a wrench - I tossed it to him and took off to the end. WHEW!

Thanks again to my sister Bonnie for all her help! This would be her first time seeing me race and helping me pit (just moving back to Cali after living in FL for many years). She had a total blast!! Thanks again too to Eric, Chantal, Rita, McKenzie, Todd, Tracie, & Richard for all their help, support, gas, goggles, granolas, massages and helping my sister with her pit duties! Fun stuff guys.... I didn't think I'd ever do this again but I guess I'm a big fat liar. Thanks for waiting for me at the finish all of you - I know you were there for a loooong time! (thanks to everyone who called to check in on me: Heather,Phil,Marc)

Stoli, we missed you in the bar Sat night. It was silly fun! I hope you are OK and I hope your leg/foot/ankle isn't too sore. Good job on your finish!! Good job to Eric/Todd at their first attempt in the Pro class. Holy cow boys ~ I hope you know what you are in for! Great job to ALL the district folks - there were tons. Lots of D38 guys too!

Henge/Childress 1st O/A ... way to go, guys!
David Pearson 2nd O/A
Shane Espo 3rd O/A


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